How to add your podcast on Google Podcast

Google released it’s Google Podcasts app on the Google Play Store a couple of months back in June 19, 2018. It’s a very handy tool to listen to your podcasts on your phone and discover new ones. Google also released developer guidelines for developers to make their podcasts compatible with Google Podcasts app. So I am… Continue reading How to add your podcast on Google Podcast

Turbo C graphics on Win7 [Updated]

Sorry, there seemed to be a problem in the tutorial described before. There was a problem loading the includes file in turbo c which was due to directory mismatch in the turbo c installation.keeping the tc folder in a folder with name dosbox and mounting the folder dosbox as c: would fix the issue.The tutorial… Continue reading Turbo C graphics on Win7 [Updated]

Geeky Way to listen to Revolution Radio (

If you are on linux and don’t want to trouble your browser to listen to the radio, then here’s how you can achieve it. Install mplayer on your machine, fire a terminal window and enter the command mplayer Alternatively, if it doesn’t work, enter the ip address for mplayer The aforementioned example is… Continue reading Geeky Way to listen to Revolution Radio (

TwiSkip HomePage

I always loved the “Skip Inbox” function in GMail and so much wanted it in twitter as well. Here’s the same function for the twitter and I love calling it “Twiskip” Ever wanted to get the tweets from a tweeterholic but didn’t want your homepage overcrowded with their tweets? Here’s a simple solution. Just go… Continue reading TwiSkip HomePage

Filter Facebook mails in hotmail

Sign into your hotmail account. Click on Options at the right side of the page and goto More Options Click on “Automatically sort e-mail into folders” under “Customize your mail” heading. Click on the button called “New Filter” In step 1 “Which messages are you looking for?”, enter “” in From Address Contains field .… Continue reading Filter Facebook mails in hotmail

Ubuntu Installation

With the Microsoft updating its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool to introduce a few uncomfortable niggles for users of pirated versions of Windows, popularity of Linux is getting higher. Everyone is afraid of getting his/her computer screen blackened by Microsoft. A lot of people are seeking to install Linux on their system but lack proper… Continue reading Ubuntu Installation

Vista SUCKS!!!

The latest release of every thing is supposed to be better, but Microsoft has proven itself to be an exception. It released its new Operating System “Vista” which is far worse than it’s previous version “XP”. Vista was released about 18 months ago. As my system didn’t support Vista(it demanded a real high specification), I… Continue reading Vista SUCKS!!!