8085 Simulator

After a brief search for a good 8085 simulator, I ended up with GNUSim8085

Very easy to use and pretty impressive look and feel.

Okay, now for installation.

If you are using a debian distro, the author congrats you coz’ it’s available in the repo. Just fire up a terminal and sudo aptitude install gnusim8085

There you go. GNUSim8085 is installed in your machine.

Now for windows. It’s not as easy as typing a line into your terminal but not that difficult though.

Download the latest version of GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtk-win/

Let’s complete the downloads part first.

Download the program GNUSim8085 from


The download link’s on the right side of the page. The file name is gnusim8085-x.x.x-no-gtk-installer.exe

All downloads done!!!

Now, let’s carry on with the installation process.

Install the runtime-environment first.

After its sucessful installation, start installing GNUSim8085

If all goes well you will be able to use the simulator. The author provides you with some tutorial on using the sim and also some example programs.

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  1. We have migrated the maintenance of GNUSim8085 to launchpad.net. Will you please update the links in your article to point to corresponding ones in launchpad? you can simply place a link http://www.gnusim8085.org which currently redirect to launchpad page. It will be great if you did not provide direct link to a binary so that people get latest and greatest instead of old versions.

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