Everything happens for the Good

Have you ever realized that everything that happens, happens for a reason and that reason is always good. I realized this fact today and my thanks to my dearest friend Ashesh for helping me realize it.

About two months ago(October 27, 2007 to be precise), I had a cycle accident. I broke a chip of bone in my right elbow. I consulted a doctor and he plastered my right arm saying the chip would decay off. I carried the plaster for 3 whole weeks. It was fun also. The best part of it was that nobody asked me to work. I enjoyed my Tihar without having to work. If I hadn’t plastered my hand, I had to do all those works during Tihar. But I got to enjoy my Tihar, ordering my brothers to work properly. Three weeks passed with great fun. It was a really great experience. Then the plaster was removed. I had hard time using my hand properly. I could hardly move my hands. My hand started recovering slowly. Then one day I had an incident that brought a twist in the story.

That one day was today. Sorry, not today!! It’s already past midnight, so it was yesterday. I was taking cooking training at Ashesh’s mama’s factory. The floor was covered with slippery tiles. We finished our work and were playing in the tiles. I was trying to slide along the floor when I slipped and fell off in the floor. I fell to my left but the fall had an impact on my right arm. I had a swelling on my elbow. I returned home after that and went to see a doctor(not the previous one, this time a bone specialist). He asked me to take an X-Ray. The X-Ray showed that the bone-chip was still there. The doctor suggested me to have a surgery and either re-attach or remove that chip of bone or it may cause trouble later. I was appointed to take a surgery on coming Sunday.

So, how did u find the story? This incident of mine helped me realize that everything happens for the good. If I hadn’t fallen yesterday, I would have never consulted a doctor and I wouldn’t have operated my arms. It could have brought a great trouble later. So my going to the training and slipping off in the tile was all for my good.
Now you might ask, what good happened by me falling the first time. The good thing that happened after my first accident was that I had a great experience of having my hands plastered which was really great. And I also learned to use computer with my left hand. I typed this whole article just with my left hand as well.

9 responses to “Everything happens for the Good”

  1. sorry to hear that u had your arm broken.
    Recover soon.
    Somewhat interesting at the same time feeling pity.
    by the way that incident was not a topic to write of.
    Still good work

  2. Ya I also do believe that everything happens for good ……..

    N I know how much you enjoyed your Tihar when U got the plaster ! !

    Anyway, Hv fun with the next round of plaster rest….. M tellin this coz U told that you enjoyed your last one ….

    Get well sooon brother …

    Take Care

  3. now, this one is really good. u’ve amazingly covered a lot of things in this short bolg. one of my favorite things u wrote.

  4. When I gave the presentation abt the same story
    U know wat happened,don’t u?
    Ani maile arko presentation dinu paryo.
    Tyo prava mam le malai kasari heryo talai tha cha?

    Anyway it’s a sad incident but u have crafted it really well

  5. wow….aja balla padhe ni maile…malai ta tha nai thyena abt dis article…gud gud…really gud…n tmle ta workshop pani garnu parena hai…lucky u!!!oh n same pinch white rabbit…hehe…

  6. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I’m
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    with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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