Everything happens for the Good

Have you ever realized that everything that happens, happens for a reason and that reason is always good. I realized this fact today and my thanks to my dearest friend Ashesh for helping me realize it.

About two months ago(October 27, 2007 to be precise), I had a cycle accident. I broke a chip of bone in my right elbow. I consulted a doctor and he plastered my right arm saying the chip would decay off. I carried the plaster for 3 whole weeks. It was fun also. The best part of it was that nobody asked me to work. I enjoyed my Tihar without having to work. If I hadn’t plastered my hand, I had to do all those works during Tihar. But I got to enjoy my Tihar, ordering my brothers to work properly. Three weeks passed with great fun. It was a really great experience. Then the plaster was removed. I had hard time using my hand properly. I could hardly move my hands. My hand started recovering slowly. Then one day I had an incident that brought a twist in the story.