B.E. Syllabus (IOE, TU)

I had a hard time searching for these syllabus in the IOE’s website.So wanted to share this with the world.

BEX Syllabus
BCT Syllabus
BCE Syllabus



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  1. if we give chance exam and pass in it then there will be some changes made in our transcript or it will be like others who pass out regularly?

    • i guess there won’t be any changes in the transcript in case of the chance exams.
      your marks would appear in a separate column only in the case of back exams

  2. ani BE join garna chahane haru ka lagi kehi 6ina………….kehi information……….abt courses……….cost…….hostel!!!!!

    • Cost for 4 years lagbhag 3,00,000 for full fee in pulchowk and about 30,000 for the Regular students in Pulchowk Campus … for affiliated camupus cost varies from 4,50,000 to 6.50.000 for Full fee and for regular same as above…. Hostel ta Pulchowk ma sab bhanda sasto.. may be 100rs per month if u able to get it from ur percentage of entrance

  3. BCT regular maa naam nikaalna entrance ma minimum kati percentage lyaaunu par6 holaa any guesses or facts?

      • bro ma erc ma b.e agriculture padxuu…….tara unfortunately full syllabus for 4 complete years chai paunai sakeko xuina…and that ioe’s official site is a total BULLSHIT! can u help in any way????????

        • Sorry bro, I don’t have it. I’ll definitely share it if I find it.
          But I would request all the people to please share any syllabus if you got it.
          Bro timile katai vetayeu vane chai share garnu. ma pani khojdai garaula.
          SHARING IS CARING!! 🙂

  4. Can anyone please upload syllabus for Diploma in Architecture and Bachelor in Architecture? Thanks in advance.

      • But in this one 1999 is written, so how can it be of 2064? Anyways do you have the latest one? If not does pulchowk provide it before getting enrolled?

        • It is from 1999 and wasn’t updated for long. so in 2064 we followed this same syllabus.
          Pulchowk doesn’t provide you the syllabus. But I guess you can buy one.

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