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  • AdiĆ³s PHOTOSHOP!!!

    Photoshop is a great tool for editing your photo and I really love it. But recently I found a replacement for it. Good-Bye to Photoshop. You might be expecting a new software but sorry to disappoint you. The tool I’m talking about is not a software. Of course, you can call it a software as…

  • Earth at Night

    Recently I stumbled upon to a web page titled “Astronomy Picture of the Day” and I couldn’t resist from posting the picture to my blog. Credit: C. Mayhew & R. Simmon (NASA/GSFC), NOAA/NGDC, DMSP Digital Archive Explanation: This is what the Earth looks like at night. Can you find your favorite country or city? Surprisingly,…

  • Photography

    Me and my group of friends have developed a strong interest on photography. We have been searching through the web about photography and experimenting those ideas. I created this new post on my blog to display some of our works. Hope you like them.