Why do people use IE?

I really wonder why people still use IE(Internet Explorer) to browse the web. I find it really amazing! With web browser like Firefox freely available, why is everyone stuck with that disgusting IE?
Let me tell you a story that led me to blog this article.

I created a blog recently at wordpress.com(which you are viewing at the moment). I was surfing through the themes available for my blog then my eyes got stuck in a theme called “Sapphire”(it is my current theme). The theme was really nice. I customized the page to suit my needs. I viewed my blog and was very happy with how the blog looked. Then, I thought of viewing it through Internet Explorer. I opened the Internet Explorer, typed my blog address in the address bar and hit enter. The first thing I noticed was it took really long time to load my page, which opened in a jiffy in Firefox. After the whole page loaded, I was shocked to see my page look so ugly. The layout was changed completely and it looked really shabby.
As many of my viewers would be using Internet Explorer, I thought I would change the theme. I changed my theme and tested it in Internet Explorer. But, the theme didn’t work good as well. I tried some other themes but all my work was in vain. None of the good-looking themes worked in Internet Explorer.
I was really annoyed with this, so finally I decided to set “Sapphire”(the theme that I chose first) as my theme for the blog and suggest my viewers to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

P.S. If you are viewing this page in Internet Explorer, please don’t curse me for the bad look of the page. Just download Firefox and see what a beauty Firefox is!!!