One thing the God or whoever is the creator of the world missed was to give humans the ability to see from other’s perspective. I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone fails on that. I know very well that I should see or think from other’s perspective. I was always taught that you walk a mile on the other person’s shoes before judging them. But I think I just learned it partially. I learned very well to blame others for not walking on my shoes and seldom bothered to walk on other’s shoes. It’s not that I never did but sometimes it slips off my mind. If only people never failed to understand that and could always see from other’s perspective, there wouldn’t have been any quarrels. no fights. no wars. Imagine how peaceful the earth would have been. Because I don’t think any person is bad in itself. If you could just see from the other person’s perspective you would always find the goodness in him/her.

But maybe the God wanted it to be this way. To show the calm after the wind, peace after the war, love after the quarrel. You only value things after you lose it. And maybe the realization is just enough. You realize that you didn’t see the other person’s perspective and realize how you were not totally right about your views. That’s the moment when you feel calm. You feel the importance of the calmness. And you learn to value it more and more.

The entire universe is just a wave with crests and troughs. You can’t just have the crests and neither would there be just troughs. You need go get to the bottom of the wave to rise again with your full potential. And there comes another idiom सुखमा नमात्तिनु, दुःखमा नआत्तिनु। You gotta learn to surf on those waves.

My First Blog

This is my first attempt to start blogging.
I am not much of a blogger but I always wanted to have one as blogging got popular around the world.
I have never tried writing anything creative till now.I have been reading a lot of novels these days,which has inspired me to start writing something creative.
My desire to have my blog and inspiration from novels met to create an account at WordPress.
I hope you will be seeing my creations here.(I still doubt it)

And please, please, encourage me to write with help of your comments!!!