Load Shedding Again

With the flood in Koshi, I had thought the load-shedding would end.
But ALAS!!, the flood took away the tower and we are here living a darker life again.

We are going to have a load-shedding of 16 hrs. a week, i.e., more than 2 hrs. daily.

I took a glance at the Nepal Electricity Authorities Website(http://nea.org.np/). It had a schedule for the load-shedding. They had posted an image file(.jpg). The one in nepali was a scan from a paper and the one in english had texts which could hardly be read.
My area is in Group 1 and on Friday(that’s today), my area was supposed to have a power cut at 1930 hrs. I had my mind set to take a light and a book and start reading. But the power doesn’t go down. I waited a while but the power is still there. So I started making a PDF file of the load-shedding schedule.

Here’s the link for download.(If you need one)

Load Shedding Schedule

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