Load Shedding Again

With the flood in Koshi, I had thought the load-shedding would end.
But ALAS!!, the flood took away the tower and we are here living a darker life again.

We are going to have a load-shedding of 16 hrs. a week, i.e., more than 2 hrs. daily.

I took a glance at the Nepal Electricity Authorities Website( It had a schedule for the load-shedding. They had posted an image file(.jpg). The one in nepali was a scan from a paper and the one in english had texts which could hardly be read.
My area is in Group 1 and on Friday(that’s today), my area was supposed to have a power cut at 1930 hrs. I had my mind set to take a light and a book and start reading. But the power doesn’t go down. I waited a while but the power is still there. So I started making a PDF file of the load-shedding schedule.

Here’s the link for download.(If you need one)

Load Shedding Schedule


Vista SUCKS!!!-Part 2

This is the second part of the article “Vista SUCKS!!!”.
Actually, this article was born due to an event following the event mentioned in the previous article.

When I tried to install Windows XP in the laptop. I encountered yet another problem. The Windows XP didn’t detect my hard-disk. I was so amazed. I had never seen such a case in my life. Then, I knew XP had a solution for this. It could load third-party drivers at the start of the installation. So I tried it. I pressed F6 and a message was displayed allowing me to install the drivers or continue with the installation without the driver. I chose to install the driver and a screen popped out. The new screen left me speechless. It said “Please insert the disk labeled Manufacturer-supplied hardware support disk into drive A: *Press Enter when ready”. Now, where on earth would I get a floppy drive for my laptop?

Then I thought“XP also SUCKS”. Actually, “Microsoft SUCKS”

I googled about it and found out that it was not just my problem. I found a solution for this problem too(there is no problem unsolved as long as Google is there)
The solution was to slipstream the drivers into the XP installation media. We had an application named “nLite” for this. It’s a really cool software. You can customize your XP installation.
I slipstreamed the driver into my XP installation CD and booted the laptop with the new installation disc. And, BRAVO!!!! It worked.

Thanks to nLite and thanks to Google.

I tried Ubuntu on this laptop and there was no problem with any hardware.

Finally, Long Live Linux.    Long Live Ubuntu