Movie Appreciation

Have you watched “Saawariya”? If yes, how did you like it?
I am asking this question because “Saawariya” is the reason which made me blog this article.
You might be wondering what Sujin is up to. And what is this “Movie Appreciation” thing?

OK, let’s get this started.
Recently, I watched this movie titled “Saawariya”. “Saawariya” is a movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and produced jointly by Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Sony Pictures Entertainment. See! The names themselves justify the greatness of the movie. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a really great director and no word is needed to be spoken for Sony Pictures Entertainment. You can tell the movies gonna be good without even having a glance at it, only by having known the names of director and producer.
“Saawariya” is the first movie co-produced by Bollywood and Hollywood giants. It was shot in the Columbia Pictures studio. The set was marvellous and the acting was also brilliant. Everything was just perfect about the movie. I really don’t know why the people didn’t find it brilliant.
I heard someone saying the set looked so artificial. Someone else told that it was like a play and really slow. They were commenting on things which the director wanted everyone to see. Everyone is addicted to the typical Hindi movie and none of them wants to progress. Nobody takes movies seriously. They don’t think how much effort has been put in the movie. Everyone is stuck into the typical hindi movies and don’t want to get out of it.

I wonder how these guys would react after watching some Hollywood movies like “The Da Vinci Code”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “The Number 23”, …

I would like you to have a look at an article at wikiHow
Here’s the link for the article: How to Appreciate Films

2 responses to “Movie Appreciation”

  1. well, as always, sujin, u have a really cool topic here. I found the thing about saawariya good too. But the first thing i noticed was that this article was way too shorter than i had imagined. The topic suggests a bit longer article, with a bit more insights. The insights would make it a bit more unpredictable and interesting.

  2. Dear Sujin,

    This piece of yours is jus too good… I loved going through it…. N I seriously disagree with Ashesh that this article is way too short…. If U ask me abt this article, then I would always be sayin that it is too good from any angle.. The size of the article is also good coz people dont like blog posts which have en number of words in it. People love it when its short and upto the point. I know it coz I read many blogs everyday and I dont like reading long articles. But, I am not offending Ashesh totally hai… Nvr mind Ashesh ! ! !

    Sujin… Short n sweet articles are the in-thing these days so always remember to KISS… bole toh Keep It Short n Simple …….. heh…

    Keep up the good work ! !

    Three Cheers to Bloggin .. Hip ! Hip ! Hurray ! ! !

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