Everything happens for the Good

Have you ever realized that everything that happens, happens for a reason and that reason is always good. I realized this fact today and my thanks to my dearest friend Ashesh for helping me realize it.

About two months ago(October 27, 2007 to be precise), I had a cycle accident. I broke a chip of bone in my right elbow. I consulted a doctor and he plastered my right arm saying the chip would decay off. I carried the plaster for 3 whole weeks. It was fun also. The best part of it was that nobody asked me to work. I enjoyed my Tihar without having to work. If I hadn’t plastered my hand, I had to do all those works during Tihar. But I got to enjoy my Tihar, ordering my brothers to work properly. Three weeks passed with great fun. It was a really great experience. Then the plaster was removed. I had hard time using my hand properly. I could hardly move my hands. My hand started recovering slowly. Then one day I had an incident that brought a twist in the story.


Movie Appreciation

Have you watched “Saawariya”? If yes, how did you like it?
I am asking this question because “Saawariya” is the reason which made me blog this article.
You might be wondering what Sujin is up to. And what is this “Movie Appreciation” thing?

OK, let’s get this started.
Recently, I watched this movie titled “Saawariya”. “Saawariya” is a movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and produced jointly by Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Sony Pictures Entertainment. See! The names themselves justify the greatness of the movie. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a really great director and no word is needed to be spoken for Sony Pictures Entertainment. You can tell the movies gonna be good without even having a glance at it, only by having known the names of director and producer.
“Saawariya” is the first movie co-produced by Bollywood and Hollywood giants. It was shot in the Columbia Pictures studio. The set was marvellous and the acting was also brilliant. Everything was just perfect about the movie. I really don’t know why the people didn’t find it brilliant.
I heard someone saying the set looked so artificial. Someone else told that it was like a play and really slow. They were commenting on things which the director wanted everyone to see. Everyone is addicted to the typical Hindi movie and none of them wants to progress. Nobody takes movies seriously. They don’t think how much effort has been put in the movie. Everyone is stuck into the typical hindi movies and don’t want to get out of it.

I wonder how these guys would react after watching some Hollywood movies like “The Da Vinci Code”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “The Number 23”, …

I would like you to have a look at an article at wikiHow
Here’s the link for the article: How to Appreciate Films


My Past Dates with Priyanka-V

This evening, I was wondering what shall I write next in my blog. I was searching my hard disk for articles that I had written or collected. Then, I found this article which my brother Sachin had extracted from the novel “One Night @ the Call Center” by Chetan Bhagat. I had read that book a long time ago so I re-read the article to revive my brain cells. I found it really nice again. So I thought of posting it in my blog.

She came on time that day. After all, she was coming with a purpose. This was not a date- we were meeting to formally break up. Actually, there was nothing left in our relationship to break anymore. Still, I had agreed, if only to see her face as she told me. She also wanted to discuss how we were to interact with each other and move forward. Discuss, interact, move forward- when you start using words like that, you know the relationship is dead.

We chose Pizza Hut only because it was, well, convenient. For break-ups, location takes priority over ambience. She had come to shop in Sahara Mall, where half of Delhi descends whenever there is a public holiday.

‘Hi,’ she said and looked at her watch. ‘Wow! Look, I have actually come on time today. How are you?’ She held her shirt collar and shook it for ventilation. ‘I can’t believe it is so hot in July.’

Priyanka cannot tolerate awkward silences; she will say anything to fill in the gaps. Cut the bullshit, I wanted to say, but did not.


Why do people use IE?

I really wonder why people still use IE(Internet Explorer) to browse the web. I find it really amazing! With web browser like Firefox freely available, why is everyone stuck with that disgusting IE?
Let me tell you a story that led me to blog this article.

I created a blog recently at you are viewing at the moment). I was surfing through the themes available for my blog then my eyes got stuck in a theme called “Sapphire”(it is my current theme). The theme was really nice. I customized the page to suit my needs. I viewed my blog and was very happy with how the blog looked. Then, I thought of viewing it through Internet Explorer. I opened the Internet Explorer, typed my blog address in the address bar and hit enter. The first thing I noticed was it took really long time to load my page, which opened in a jiffy in Firefox. After the whole page loaded, I was shocked to see my page look so ugly. The layout was changed completely and it looked really shabby.
As many of my viewers would be using Internet Explorer, I thought I would change the theme. I changed my theme and tested it in Internet Explorer. But, the theme didn’t work good as well. I tried some other themes but all my work was in vain. None of the good-looking themes worked in Internet Explorer.
I was really annoyed with this, so finally I decided to set “Sapphire”(the theme that I chose first) as my theme for the blog and suggest my viewers to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

P.S. If you are viewing this page in Internet Explorer, please don’t curse me for the bad look of the page. Just download Firefox and see what a beauty Firefox is!!!